Is LASIK Plus a Better LASIK?

I’m sure you’ve heard of LASIK and may even know people who have benefited from this great technology. Now we are also hearing about LASIK Plus, but do you know what the difference is? Is it any better than the traditional LASIK that’s been helping people for years now? Actually it’s not a new LASIK technique, it is a specific place where LASIK surgery is performed.

LASIK Plus claims that all of their surgeons are board certified and highly qualified. They have been in business for over 15 years and have an excellent track record, so you know they must be very good at LASIK surgery.

LASIK Plus uses several different laser platforms including VISX, Alcon LADARVision and Bausch Lomb laser systems which gives you as a patient several options. LASIK Plus obviously sees how important it is to have both the latest technology and the proper tools to give each patient great results.

Since each person’s vision problems are different we all require different solutions and LASIK Plus will offer you several choices for your LASIK procedure. These LASIK surgeons know that all LASIK clinics are not the same and they are trying to set the standard for the industry in LASIK vision correction and patient care. By all accounts it seems that they are succeeding.

In addition to having highly qualified surgeons and the latest technology, LASIK Plus also has competitive prices and financing options to make LASIK affordable for everyone.

If you’re considering having LASIK performed I suggest you take the time to find out as much as you can about the procedure and the possible risks involved. There are plenty of internet resources as well as magazine articles and books that have been written on the subject. LASIK isn’t for everyone, but it very well could be right for you.

Once you’ve done your own research then it’s time to contact a LASIK clinic and have a consultation. Maybe you even want to have a few consultations so you can find the best possible surgeon for you. After speaking with the LASIK surgeon you should be comfortable and relaxed without any concerns about the ability of the surgeon to take the best possible care of you. If you have concerns then you should probably go with a different LASIK surgeon.

Whether you decide to use LASIK Plus or some other LASIK clinic, you’ll be joining all the others who now see clearly without glasses or contact lenses thanks to LASIK. It really is a wonderful technology and actually keeps getting better each year as new discoveries are made to improve the technology.

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